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What are some natural ways to enlarge your penis size? - Yahoo Answers

What are some natural ways to enlarge your penis size? - Yahoo Answers
>>>* Hey... What's up Man, my name is Ronnie.I know RIGHT where you are now, as I was once there, and perhaps my own story could be of some help to you.
I'm 1/2 Japanese, and 1/2 Chinese.Unfortunately, at least for me, the stereotypes about Asians rang true.After I hit the end of Puberty at around the age of 18, I was roughly 5"10 height-wise(Which btw is pretty tall for many of Asian ethnicity).Downstairs, however, I was only 5 INCHES when fully erect.I did some research online, statistics and what-not, and discovered I was almost 1 1/2 inches BELOW average.This came as sort of a shock to me, as I've had about 3 girlfriends by this point, and the first two NEVER complained or said anything about my size, or performance for that matter... So I assumed everything was fine.This was until my last girlfriend of the 3 who was a total ***** ... Her, I was with for like 4 months until she broke it off with me, seemingly for no reason.We hadn't had any bad fights or anything, everything appeared fine.So, when I asked her what gives, why did she break up with me?She coldly snapped back at me saying how she could no longer "put up" with me or my "baby dick." ... Yeah, she actually referred to my junk as a "baby dick."It seems funny, but that killed me on the inside!It made me feel pathetic and inferior.Though, on the surface, I sort of just shrugged it off because I didn't really care much about the girl.BUT, what she said DID sort of stick with me, and ate away at me for a while.

Anyways, after hours of research, reading countless reviews and testimonials, I did come across one penis enlargement website/program that caught my eye.Now, setting my natural skepticism aside for a moment, I signed up for the site.I figured if it turned out to be bogus, I would just get a refund and move on.Now, fast forward... Over the past 6 months, after learning and utilizing all the material and support in the member section, I'm now measuring in at just a little under 6.75'!Given, it's certainly not as much as they claimed I would gain in that period of time, but I'm still MORE than satisfied.I guess similar to strength training at a gym, some people gain muscle mass or get bigger faster than others. Idk.In any event, I'm absolutely delighted with my current state, because Jamie can take all her stupid little insults and shove it!I'm a good man, and I deserved better.Anyways, my apologies for rambling, their website can by Found @ http://www.penisadv.pcti-system.com .. How it works, it's basically a natural way of enlarging your penis by performing various different "exercises."The science behind it is something to the effect of actually destroying cell tissue within the shaft, using the various different specialized techniques outlined in the program.Then, not like, but similar to a muscle, when it heals and rejuvenates internally- these damaged/killed cells grow back larger.Therefore, expanding the shaft.What's interesting too, when you research the origins of these techniques, you find that they are actually part of ancient tribal traditions in different parts of the world.

To give you an idea of what this is all about, I will briefly explain one of the few key exercises I do. It's called the "Jelq"

1. The Warm Up. Grab yourself a towel and soak it under warm or hot water. Wring it out, next wrap it around your member for anywhere from 3-5 minutes.

2. Bring yourself to an erection. This is the next step in jelqing, but there is an important catch. You do not want to bring yourself to a full erection. Instead, get to somewhere between 60-70% hard. This is important in order for the exercise to be successful. A full-blown erection will be much too hard, whilst the flaccid or unexcited state will be too soft and ineffective. Instead, shoot for that semi 60-70% erection.

3. Lubrication. This is an important step! Lubricate your penis, thoroughly. Vigrx Plus Reviews This is designed to prevent any redness or irritation from occurring. Water-based lubricants are best, but just about any lube will work.

4. Exercise. This is the Jelq: Starting at the base of your penis, by the pubic bone, use your thumb and forefinger (like you were making an "ok" sign) and slowly massage, slightly squeezing upwards to the head. Pushing the blood from the base on up. You will know this is working if the shaft swells as you go up, and the head becomes enlarged. One might even say it's like your "milking" your penis. Repeat this process again with the other hand. You, now, are officially "jelqing", as they call it. Most routines and programs prescribe a routine of about 100-300 reps, recommending that you start out with 50-100, working your way up as you get accustomed and used to the exercise.

5. The Cool Down. The cool down is essentially the same as the warm-up. A hot towel is to be wrapped around the penis for a good 3-5 minutes. This is important, as it encourages recovery thus the growth to occur.

These are essentially laymen steps for BASIC jelqing, one of the exercises outlined in the program. This just scratches the surface, but it's all not very complicated. I hope I at least lead you in the right direction. Best of luck my friend!



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